EUCNC Albania at the 2019 Sanya - China Sports and Health Tourism Forum

The 2019 China Sports and Health Tourism Forum was held on the 27th and 28th of August in Sanya, China. EUCNC Albania was represented by our chairman, Mr. Ilirjan Koxhioni who delivered a presentation on Sports and Health Tourism Cooperation in the 17+1 Countries and Sanya.

Tourism and health are a particular focus for EUCNC Albania, given its mandate of promoting economic and cultural cooperation and exchanges between the 17+1 European region and China. Moreover, the leadership recognizes the enormous development potential of tourism lying untapped within the 17+1 European region, particularly Southeast Europe. EUCNC Albania sees travel and tourism acting as the prime engine of future economic growth for Southeast Europe and acting as a model of development that can promote employment among the local communities.

Mr. Ilirjan Koxhioni outlined various innovative ways in which Sanya and the 17+1 region could cooperate in sports and health tourism. His analysis of the unprecedented intensification in the pursuit of sports and health tourism in recent years was found to be particularly illuminating by the audience and provided them with a useful framework in which to understand and plan for future investment and development in the sector.


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