EUCNC Albania to host the 17+1 SMART ROAD TRADE & INVEST SUMMIT in Athens in 2021.

31 October 2019

The Summit will bring together more than 200 Chinese and Central -Eastern European senior government officials, private sector executives, investors, stakeholders and NGOs who will discuss how to harness the trade and project investment opportunities provided by the 17+1 and Belt and Road Initiatives.



Mr. IlirjanKoxhioni, Chairman of EUCNC Albania is confident that the SRTIS Summit will provide unique and timely opportunities for businesses, countries and organizations across the 17+1 region : “ Given the breadth, know-how and prestige of the attendees and their respective organizations, the Summit enables attendees to participate in a thorough examination of current and future business opportunities being pursued and explored amongst the 17+1 countries and what the existing obstacles to these opportunities are. The Summit is of particular relevance given the actual changes brought about by the COVID pandemic as well as the expected changes resulting from the European Green Deal.”

Framework SRTIS Athens Summit Agenda - Download here 


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